IoT ecological animal husbandry focuses on applying IoT technology-based facilities in livestock production and management. Smart sensors are deployed to collect livestock growth information (for example, by monitoring the activity amount) online. In addition, farm environment monitoring equipment is integrated to implement smart and scientific management of ecological livestock breeding. Farmers can use mobile phones, computers, and other terminals to grasp the information about the farm environment and livestock growth status in real time, obtain abnormal alarm information in a timely manner, and learn about the health status of the livestock based on the monitoring results.
The business management platform is the core of the entire framework. It is the part where all data is aggregated and analyzed. It provides the basis for all business activities, and various reports are formed based on it. Generally, business management consists of two parts: standard business application and customized business application.

Schematic Diagram

Data Collection

  • Adopts smart leg rings and anchor points.
  • Monitors the activity amount of chickens in real time.

Data Transmission

  • The data collected by the smart leg rings is uploaded to the cloud data platform by using the gateway device (4G/Ethernet).

Business Management

  • Monitors the status of chickens: Displays the monitoring results by using a step count graph by day and week.
  • Displays chicken amount information: ID, daily schedule, chicken house information, accumulated step count, step rankings by chicken, and abnormal data alarms.
  • Supervises biologic assets based on animal wearables: Gets rid of worry about funding in agriculture and opens up a new era for animal husbandry.
  • Builds ecological brands: Supervises all processes from breeding to consumption based on the Internet of ecological animal husbandry, and builds ecological brands for the enterprise and the region.
  • Improves husbandry efficiency: Collects data of all processes to accumulate big data, performs analysis on the big data by using an expert system, and finally intelligentizes animal husbandry.

  • In large-scale livestock farms, the IoT technology makes the breeding industry more modern and smarter.
  • In the cold chain transportation, the data collected in real time enables the foods to be truly traced back.
  • In large slaughter houses, the solution improves the slaughter rate.