SmartDrive Driving Safety

US SmartDrive is a renowned company providing oil management and safety driving service, and its main smart vehicle-mounted product has integrated dual video monitor, EDR and Vehicle travelling data recorder. With front and rear surveillance cameras, it can record the road conditions in front of vehicles for real-time analysis on one hand, and record the status of vehicle drivers on the other hand.


In addition to real-time video information collecting, SmartDrive also monitors the status of vehicles. The system can read the status of vehicles, such as fuel amount, vehicle speed, engine speed, etc. Besides, the built-in gravity sensor can also monitor the vehicle tilting, braking and collision. All recorded information will be stored on the vehicle-mounted server, and the recorded videos will be real-time transmitted to the Remote Information collecting Center. Through the coordination of multiple sensors and algorithms, the Information collecting Center will monitor the status of drivers and vehicles, e.g., whether or not fatigue driving or drunk driving, and give warning and reminders to a certain degree, etc.




Descriptions of Module Selection
* Select MC 2718 because it adopts MINI-PCI interface;
* High-speed CDMA-EVDO module is suitable for Sprint network in USA;
* High performance, high reliability and GPS.

* Target at Long-distance Cargo Transportation and select Sprint network on highways;
* High product stability, support high temperature and vibration environment in trucks.

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