CHINA TSP - Vehicle-mounted multimedia terminal

With the development of the automotive electronics industry and the Internet of Things, more and more vehicles are mounted with multimedia terminals, which interact with vehicles, vehicle owners and the TSP platform through the integrated communication module to perform remote control and data transmission.

As an integrative high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production, marketing and operation service in the area of automotive information and communication service, CHINA TSP is currently a leading vehicle telematics service provider in China. At present, CHINA TSP has established close cooperation with several enterprises in the industry such as China Unicom, Intel, ZTE Corporation, etc. It integrates the vehicle telematics industry chain, and develops the vehicle-mounted 3G application services together with the mainstream auto makers in China, including the large auto makers FAW, CHANGAN, GEELY AUTOMOBILE, GAC GROUP and so on.

With a built-in communication module, its vehicle-mounted service terminal can be online in real time and work with the vehicle telematics system to integrate your mobile phone, computer and vehicle into a service system named “Three screens and a cloud” and provide digitalized, informationized, networked and intelligentized integrative driving services, including Safety Assistant, Travel Guide, Vehicle Secretary, Information Entertainment, etc.

In addition to basic functions such as voice call and data transmission, the communication module for vehicle-mounted multimedia terminal must be highly stable and adaptable to complicated temperature environment. Through multiple rounds of rigorous environmental test and road test, ZTE MF206 can meet the special requirements of vehicle-mounted multimedia terminal. According to business requirements of the vehicle telematics industry, this module has developed remote wake-up service by a specific SMS and call. In case the vehicle is stolen or anything unusual occurs, the vehicle owner can send a text message and make a call to perform vehicle operations, such as lock the vehicle, view the vehicle status, etc.

Descriptions of Module Selection
* MF 206: with various functions, excellent performance and low standby power consumption ≤3mA.

* Support 3G and GPS simultaneously and support navigation through voice calls with background;
* Download music and browse news online, view stock, weather information online in real-time;
* Remotely lock the vehicle and remote wakeup through a vehicle-mounted phone.

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