PATEO - Vehicle-mounted multimedia terminal

As one of the largest domestic OEM solution providers for the Internet of Vehicles, PATEO is mainly engaged in the R&D and system integration of vehicle intelligent terminal and related service platform, as well as sales of products and services. In the whole industry chain of the Internet of Vehicles, PATEO can provide vehicle-mounted hardware platform, embedded system, operational service system and so on. Currently, it mainly has good business cooperation with SAIC MOTOR and BAIC GROUP.

In vehicle-mounted terminals, the communication module is used to connect the vehicle to the TSP center. After the vehicle is started, the module is required to be online in real time, and convey information according to the setup frequency. The vehicle-mounted terminals are very strict with the operation environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration and reliability. The vehicle-mounted module should support the temperature between -40° and +80°, and should have ten years’ lifespan. Adopting Qualcomm’s platform, ZM2110 can work normally under the temperature between 40° and +80°. Long-term experiments and deliveries have proved that ZM2110 are highly reliable and stable with lower defect ratio and can meet the requirements of vehicle telematics industry.

ZM2110 has developed remote wake-up service by a specific SMS and call according to the requirements of the vehicle telematics industry. After bundled with the vehicle via the background, the vehicle owner can remotely wake up the vehicle, view the vehicle status and perform remote control over the vehicle through his/her own mobile phone. Meanwhile, ZM2110 meets the OTA requirements of China Telecom and it can remotely perform phone number writing through the OTA platform of China Telecom. This makes the cooperation between PATEO and China Telecom smooth and efficient.

Descriptions of Module Selection
* ZM2110: with various functions, excellent performance and low standby power consumption ≤3mA.

* Customize according to different vehicle models, and perfectly match with the vehicle body;
* Support voice calls, and call TSP Center for help;
* GPS positioning and navigation;
* Browse news and various information in real time.

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