Vehicle-mounted T-BOX Industry Application

Besides traditional multimedia terminals, T-BOX plays a very important role in the business of auto after-market. The installing/uninstalling of T-BOX will not affect the appearance of vehicles with less operative difficulty and lower cost.

Jiangsu CAS-TIANAN Smart Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a system integration and service provider specialized in the terminal R&D, platform setup, operation and maintenance under the Internet of Vehicles. Its front-loading smart vehicle-mounted terminal and T-Cloud platform with proprietary intellectual property rights, have already been put into commercial use. The smart vehicle-mounted service system provides failure detection and pre-warning, voice control, danger sense and Cloud SYNC for vehicles by integrating the cutting-edge sensor technology, vehicle bus technology, cloud computing technology and new generation of communication technology.

T-BOX is a type of vehicle-mounted terminal specifically customized for Haima Auotmobile. It transmits the vehicle information and position information to the background TSP Center via the built-in module ZM2110. The TSP Center can real-time track the status of vehicles and provide relevant services according to the status of vehicles, such as vehicle abnormality alarm, vehicle track replay, etc.

Descriptions of Module Selection
* ZM2110 supports analog voice call, SMS, data, TCP/IP, etc., and its standby power consumption is no larger than 3mA.

* Customize according to customer demands;
* Support hidden installation without destruction of the vehicle's original structure;
* Remotely track the status of vehicles and give a prompt alarm;
* Wake up the vehicle remotely and view the status of vehicles through the mobile phone of vehicle owner.

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