Xinghai providing reliable safety guarantee to long-distance vehicles

With the launch of the mandatory requirements on "Tour buses, passenger buses and special-purpose vehicles", the domestic market of the Internet of Vehicles is booming rapidly. Centering on all kinds of solutions for the Internet of Vehicles, manufacturers have also launched their featured products and services. With strong technical advantages in the fields of Satellite Positioning, Wireless Communication and Navigation, Software Radio, High-speed Digital Signal Processing and Software and Hardware Design of Embedded System, etc., Fujian Xinghai Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the development and promotion of Beidou Satellite navigation and positioning and the business of the Internet of Things.

Xinghai long-distance vehicle solution is an operational solution combining the GPS system and management systems (safety management system, ticketing system, etc.) of passenger transport companies. The real-time collected operational data of vehicles, detailed report form statistics and analysis can help improve the informatization of long-distance passenger transportation industry, and truly formed a mature mode. The solution has already passed the strict certification of "Tour buses, passenger buses and special-purpose vehicles" by Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China .

Inheriting the functions such as segmented over-speed alarm, photo monitoring, fatigue driving alarm, and event data recording, etc., it can form a full system solution including positioning, security and management of long-distance vehicles.

The solution adopts the dispatch terminal for long-distance vehicle fleet based on CDMA/GPS, and integrates ZTE WeLink Module MC8332 and GPS/Beidou Positioning Module. It can support the main functions such as over-speed alarm, photo monitoring and event data recording, etc. The solution has already been used for several long-distance fleets in China.

Besides, the solution of XINGHAI COMMUNICATION can be widely used for the management of special kinds of fleet, logistics fleet, taxi fleet, intelligent public transport system, etc. Currently, it has formed a mature application environment and established service platforms in several provinces and cities in China.

With the evolution of technology trends of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, XINGHAI COMMUNICATION's GPS smart cloud solution will be an important part of its intelligent transportation system in the future. This solution has provided group customers with an advanced enterprise infrastructure management platform, including LBS position cloud, GPS business application cloud and enterprise service cloud environment.

Descriptions of Module Selection
* The Module MC8332 can meet the requirements of vehicle-mounted after-market components, including temperature, anti-vibration, reliability, etc. The module has already been widely used in the industry.

* Intelligentized dispatch operation;
* All-round promotion of operation quality;
* Monitoring of vehicle traveling standards;
* Data report forms statistics;
* Certification of "Tour buses, passenger buses and special-purpose vehicles" by Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China

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