Win-Win Combination Jointly to develop UBI market with Octo, the Europe leading TSP

UBI is increasingly being adopted worldwide. As the pioneer and leader of driving behavior analysis, Octo actively explores the UBI Market in the past decades.

To speed up the market achievement, Octo was looking for a device partner for long-time cooperation. GosuncnWelink was selected due to the deep understanding of Octo’s requirements and the abundant experience on telematics devices. Based on the continuous discussion of the two parties, GosuncnWelink developed a professional hardware dedicated for UBI with high modularity and scalability both at Hardware and Firmware level. This will deliver various product form factors from the same basic elements, and a combination of dierent populated options.

When the hardware worked in OBU form factor, it will provide OBU fundamental functionalities. The power consumption in sleep mode is less than 1mA, which will protect the battery of vehicles. The hardware can be integrated with other modules as needed to compose dierent architectures for the demands of the Telematics market segment and provide a broad range of enriched functionalities.


  • The device designed for Octo could be easily installed, which help Octo developing the market quickly
  • With highreliability and low failure rate, the device lowers Octo’s overallcosts

About Octo:
Octo Telematics, has 36% market share in insurance telematics market globally.As the pioneer and leader of driving behavior analysis, Octo has more than 14 years’ experience in providing insurance telematics services as well as telematics applications in motor rental, eet management, car manufacturing, governmental sectors and a fast growing range of specialist applications.