Open a New Telematics Market with Digital Transformation GosuncnWelink powers T-Mobile’s Telematics service

Telematics is the trend of the times

As the traditional telecom business market gets saturated, the main carriers in the U.S. are activity exploring Telematics market. T-Mobile US launched its rst telematics services SyncUP DRIVE . in November 2016 which marks it formally enters the IoT market.

Customized innovative product

To provide consumer with excellent and ultimate telematics application experiences, GosuncnWelink’s expert team together with T-Mobile did a half-year market research to better understand user requirements. During the promotional period, GosuncnWelink produced a product installation video as well as organized product promotion meeting for T-Mobile staff.

High quality service

T-mobile’s telematics services SyncUP DRIVE . have won the favor of the consumers for its quality customer experience. A user sent a thanks letter to John Legere, CEO of T-mobile US via social media for he got an automatic diagnosis notice from SyncUP DRIVE . which saved him from doing damage to his car. And John responded "so glad to hear".




About TMO

T-Mobile US, Inc. is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company's advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to 67.4 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value.